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Boiling is the quickest method for cooking a whole lobster and the resulting meat is incredibly easy to remove from the shell.Maine lobster delivered fresh and direct from the Lobster Trap Inc., headquartered on Cape Cod, MA with facilities in Machiasport, Addison, and Steuben, ME.Answer 1: There are many different types of lobsters but assuming you mean the Atlantic lobster, generally they live around 15 years, but can live to over 50.At this stage, the lobster is a very good swimmer, although it appears to be helplessly bobbing up and down in the water column.If their body temperature rises significantly, the lobsters will perish.

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When a healthy lobster is cooked the tail will curl under the body.Lobsters are invertebrates, members of the Class Crustacea of the Phylum Arthropoda.Our services include: individual and wholesale packing and shipping of live lobsters, a retail store featuring live and cooked lobster.Cut lengthwise, first toward the head and then toward the tail.Cooking live lobsters and then eating them is one of those experiences that should be on every bucket list.

If your order is placed before the 11 a.m. PST cutoff time, then it will ship that day and arrive 2 business days later.While plunging the live lobster into the pot will surely be fatal, there is some debate as to whether it is the humane way to kill a lobster.


So you picked your lucky lobster out of the tank, named him Spikey McClawface and brought him home.

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The estimated odds of catching a live red lobster are 1 in 10 million.While this is a popular event in coastal areas with plentiful lobsters, you can cook live lobsters in any virtually any location, as you can order live lobsters from many different online sources.Our Canadian Atlantic Hard-Shelled Lobster is oceans ahead in taste compared to its common soft-shelled lobster counterpart.Your package will contain Live Lobster that was hand selected, special, to fill your order.

A natural delicacy with a delicious flavor, but low in fat, calories and cholesterol.Our retail locations offer a wide range of fresh seafood, prime meats, poultry and specialty items.A wide variety of live canadian lobster options are available to you, such as iso, haccp, and brc.During the day, Caribbean spiny lobsters remain hidden in caves, under ledges, and in crevices on the reef surface.

These Live Maine Lobsters shipped are the freshest, liveliest lobsters available direct from our local shores.

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Goldwater Seafoods is a leading supplier fresh, live Atlantic Nova Scotia lobster across Canada.We export to Canadian, US, Asian, European Markets, and are currently expanding into the Live Market.

Our lobsters are caught in the open sea, where they reached the right level of ripeness, and stored promptly in our fish farm.

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Fun fact: only 50% of live lobster purchasers actually know how to cook live them.

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If upon inspection one of the lobsters seems lifeless or lethargic, in general the lobster is still healthy and it is all right to prepare.

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If the tail curls on the cooked lobster, the lobster is safe to eat.

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Your product will be shipped to its final destination to arrive in 2 business days or faster.Lobster can be cooked by boiling, steaming, grilling, or broiling.

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